I normally use Medium to tell stories that I don’t get to tell elsewhere: personal, emotional, and current stories that would be out of date by the time I tried to place them. But I should note that I’m also a freelance writer who has the luxury of telling longer stories — the kinds that take many conversations and many weeks to weave.

Today I learned that one of these stories, “Columbus Pizza Places Square Off,” was recognized with a first place SPJ award for freelance feature story. This was one of the first features I worked on when I returned to freelance during COVID, and was my first-ever piece for Edible, Columbus. It was written during a difficult personal time and gave me something enjoyable to focus on in the days of remote schooling and the lead-up to the 2020 election. I’m honored it resonated elsewhere, and hope some of my readers here will check it out — pizza is really fun to read about! And if you like what you see, more of my freelance work is up at lindaleebaird.com.

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